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Be Bold!

I was bold today! I called up a woman named Rose. She books talent for "Look" in San Francisco CA. It was so hard to find the right photos to send her! I did it... now all I need is to get a call back... tick tock:) lol waiting is hard. I know that if she calls me in to meet with her she will see that I have something special.

I have talked about reaching out to look for about three years now, but something always held me back. I'm pretty sure it was my insane quest for the perfect portfolio, but two nights ago I printed up the most gorgeous book!

Look is the one! It is my top choice, and I want it more then anything else!

I want to help their models with their portfolios, work for high profile clients, and take my business to the next level of awesome!

Wish me Luck:)

#lookartist #talentagent #photoagent #bold #terrified #excited

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